Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Job Announcement: Collections Manager for the Environmental Archaeology Program, Florida

The Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) at the University of Florida invites applications for a full-time Collections Manager for the Environmental Archaeology Program (EAP). The EAP Collection Manager will report to the EAP Curator and will oversee and manage the curation of the environmental archaeological and modern comparative collections and associated archives and data; manage laboratory activities by personnel and visitors; manage finances and purchases; coordinate outreach activities to the public; and, in cooperation with the Curator, coordinate and update EAP strategic plans, seek funds for collections support, and conduct research and teaching as appropriate.
DUTIES: Specific duties will include acquiring, preparing, maintaining, and upgrading EAP specimens including modern comparative and archaeological animal, plant, and soil materials and associated archives and data; maintaining and upgrading data management systems, entering collection/research data, and integrating outdated collection data; coordinating specimen transactions including loans and acquisitions; coordinating, training, and supervising employees, student assistants, volunteers, and visiting researchers; managing accounts, budgets, and purchasing; and maintaining laboratory operations safety. Additional duties will include working closely with the Curator on updating policies and protocols, and on securing funds to support collection curation and management; outreach activities including responding to requests from researchers and the general public, participating in public education programs and exhibit planning, coordinating tours, press visits, and donor communications within the EAP collection; and serving on FLMNH committees and committees of appropriate professional and research societies. It is also expected that the EAP Collections Manager will participate in environmental archaeology research projects in cooperation with the curator, and, as time permits and if desired, lecture (graduate or undergraduate) through an affiliated department.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in a related field and five years of experience working with a collection of an appropriate discipline.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. preferred, with specific knowledge of biology and archaeology, and an understanding of circum-Caribbean environmental archaeology research and collections; at least five years of experience curating an environmental archaeology collection, and an understanding of the special housing, storage, and regulatory requirement for circum-Caribbean modern  and archaeological animal, plant, and soil collections; knowledge of environmental archaeological field and laboratory techniques and proficiency in the identification, preparation, and curation of modern comparative and archaeological environmental archaeology collections; experience with curatorial and collection management responsibilities; skills in managing paid staff, unpaid volunteers, and graduate and undergraduate students; experience and skills with database development and management; ability to successfully secure grants and demonstrated ability for effective scholarly writing, research, and communication with peers, students, and the general public.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: To be considered, all applications must be submitted on-line by 11:55 (EDT) October 27, 2017. To submit an application packet, please go to and search by Job#504806. 

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