Monday, August 1, 2011

Computers in Archaeology

The most recent issue of Computer (July 2011, Volume 44 number 7, ISBN 0018-9162,published by IEEE Computer Society) has several articles on computational archaeology and the use of computers in archaeology:

Using Computation to Decode the First Known Computer

Michael Edmunds, Cardiff University
Tony Freeth, Antikythera Mechanism Research Project
pp. 32-39

From Sites to Landscapes: How Computing Technology Is Shaping Archaeological Practice

Eugene Ch'ng, Univeristy of Birmingham, UK
Henry Chapman, Univeristy of Birmingham, UK
Vincent Gaffney, University of Birmingham, UK
Phil Murgatroyd, University of Birmingham, UK
Chris Gaffney, University of Bradford, UK
Wolfgang Neubauer, University of Vienna
pp. 40-46

3D Models for Cultural Heritage: Beyond Plain Visualization

Roberto Scopigno, ISTI-CNR
Marco Callieri, ISTI-CNR
Paolo Cignoni, ISTI-CNR
Massimiliano Corsini, ISTI-CNR
Matteo Dellepiane, ISTI-CNR
Federico Ponchio, ISTI-CNR
Guido Ranzuglia, ISTI-CNR
pp. 48-55

Dealing with Archaeology's Data Avalanche

Vid Petrovic, University of California, San Diego
Aaron Gidding, University of California, San Diego
Tom Wypych, University of California, San Diego
Falko Kuester, University of California, San Diego
Thomas A. DeFanti, University of California, San Diego
Thomas E. Levy, University of California, San Diego
pp. 56-60

Computer-Assisted Archaeological Line Drawing

Renju Li, Peking University
Tao Luo, Peking University
Hongbin Zha, Peking University
Wei Lu, Longmen Grottoes Academy, China
pp. 62-65

Some of these are free access and some are paid-access only.

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