Saturday, January 22, 2011

Archaeometry at the SAA, Th 31 March 2011

The preliminary program is available for the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Sacramento.

I'll put up some of the sessions which look to me as if they contain significant amounts of archaeometry/geoarchaeology, by meeting date.

By the way, I hate the way SAA organizes its sessions, with organizers being able to cherry pick contributors without an open process of submission.

For Thursday 31 March ( a good day for SAS-sponsored symposia):

General Session: Pleistocene Landscapes,Technologies, and Lifeways in the Old World

Poster Session: Global Perspectives on Ceramic Analysis

Sponsored Symposium Chemical Residue Analysis in Archaeology: Method Development and Residue Diagenesis (Sponsored by The Society for Archaeological Sciences)

Poster Session: Paleoethnobotanical Studies

General Session: Paleoecology and Paleoenvironments of the Near East

Forum: Multiple data and access: Effective means of integrating archaeobotanical data in broader archaeological research projects

Poster Session Weird Science: The State of the Art of Experimental Archaeology

Poster Sessions: Advances and Applications of XRF and LA- ICP- MS- Parts 1 and 2

Poster Session: Archaeological Applications of GIS, GPR, and Remote Sensing

Poster Session: Integrating Geophysical Surveys into Archaeological Investigations

Sponsored Poster Session: The Scientists behind the Archaeologists: Indiana Jones’ Geeky Siblings

Sponsored Symposium: Beyond Descriptive Analysis: Recent Advances in the Studies of Lime Plasters (Sponsored by Society for Archaeological Sciences)

Sponsored Symposium: The Cutting Edge: The State of Play in World Obsidian Studies (Sponsored by Society for Archaeological Science & International Association for Obsidian Studies)

Symposium: Tree- Rings, Climate and Behavior: The Legacy of Jeffrey S. Dean

Symposium: Studying Beads around the Indian Ocean: New approaches, methodologies, and insights from an overlooked artifact

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