Monday, January 24, 2011

Archaeometry at the SAA, Saturday 2 April 2011

Some archaeometrically oriented symposia on the 3rd day of the conference (SAS-sponsored symposia are in bold):

Poster Session: Faunal Analysis and Taphonomy

Sponsored Symposium: 1st International SAA Symposium for Recent, International Advances in the Use of pXRF and other Portable, Field Technologies for Archaeochemical Studies of Sites in the Americas
(Sponsored by Wondjina Research Institute, Country Chemist; Co-Sponsored by The Society For Archaeological Science, the pXRF Users Group, OLYMPUS INNOV-X )

Symposium: Bioarchaeological and Archaeological Perspectives on Migration, Diet and Health in Prehistoric Central California

Sponsored Symposium: Archaeometry in Fiber and Perishables Research (Sponsored by Fiber & Perishables Interest Group)

Electronic Symposium: Constructing a database of late Pleistocene/early Holocene archaeological C14 dates for South and Central America

Sponsored Forum: The Future of Bioarchaeology: A Forum in Honor of Jane E. Buikstra, the 2010 Fryxell Award Winner (Sponsored by Fryxell Award Committee)

Sponsored Symposium: From the Field to the Synchrotron Ring: Discovering Ancient Worlds Through Modern Technologies (Sponsored by The Society for Archaeological Sciences)

Poster Session: Bioarchaeology of the Americas 

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