Friday, May 28, 2010

Robin Hood's caves?

The latest in a long sequence of Robin Hood movies is out. I used to watch the tv show (the old one from the 50s with that memorable theme song, not the recent British series) when I was a kid, but I can't really say I am an afficionado of the movie genre. (Although, I am sympathetic with taking from the rich and giving to the poor.)

The Nottingham Caves Survey is the first part of the Caves  of Nottingham Regeneration Project (CoNoRP). This is a  two-and-a-half year project funded by the Greater  Nottingham Partnership, East Midlands Development  Agency, English Heritage, the University of Nottingham  and Nottingham City Council.  The project intends to take a fresh look at Nottingham’s  caves and encourage the City and its visitors to appreciate  the caves for the unique historical resource they are.  The Nottingham Caves Survey will build on the work of  British Geological Survey in the 1980s. The BGS Register of  Caves documented all known  caves in Nottingham. We will revisit all caves listed in the  Register and update the information about those caves.  All caves that can be physically accessed will be surveyed  with a 3D laser scanner, producing a full measured record  of the caves in three dimensions. This ‘point cloud’ of  millions of individual survey points can be cut and sliced  into plans and sections, ‘flown through’ in short videos,  and examined in great detail either on the web through  the TruView Internet Explorer plug-in or on a fixed PC  with suitable software.

The graphics are really nice.  Here is an example:

Maybe the Hood was hiding in there somewhere?

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