Thursday, June 18, 2009

NSF Archaeometry grant to Cal State Long Beach

Carl Lipo's blog, Evolution Beach, reports on success at landing a grant from the NSF Archaeometry program.

This proposal, submitted by Hector Neff, Greg Holk (Geology) and Lipo provides funding for instrument upgrades, student support, and collaborative research support. The funding includes:

  • A Bruker Portable XRF spectrometer for chemical analysis.

  • A Costech ECS 4010 CHNSO Analyzer for isotopic analysis.

  • Subsidized research for collaborative archaeological projects. To be eligible for the subsidized rate, researchers will have to submit a CV and 3 – 5 page miniproposal describing the project and sampling design.

  • Visiting research program to support those who want to come to CSULB to conduct research involving highly innovative applications of LA-TOF-ICP-MS, and projects that innovatively use the isotope-rate mass spectrometer, the XRF or combine LA-TOF-ICP-MS with SEM/EDX/WDX.
Congratulations, Carl and colleagues! You've earned the respect of Prospector Pete.

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