Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Scarlett Letter (ceramics blog)

I met Tim Scarlett when he taught in the Center for Talented Youth program here at F&M some years ago. Now he is a professor at Michigan Technological University.

Tim is currently running the Utah Pottery Project. The goals of the project are:
  1. Catalog the immigrant pottery makers and clay industry workers of Utah's Nineteenth-Century
  2. Locate and identify the archaeological sites from operating potteries
  3. Catalog known examples of Utah Pottery in museum collections
  4. Academic Study
  5. Make information available to everyone
Tim is now blogging on the project, to which he is devoting more time while on sabbatical. He did a nice piece on the provenancing of ceramics, using both style and archaeometry.

Tim may not be Nathaniel Hawthorne, but you should give his blog a read.

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