Saturday, May 9, 2009

Magnetism and archaeology

Archaeomagnetic sampling in the Podere Funghi

2009 Joint Assembly
American Geophysical Union
The Meeting of the Americas

24–27 May 2009
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The scientific program can be viewed online.

Yours truly has co-convened the following session for the Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism section:

Magnetism and Other Geophysical Techniques Applied to Archaeology

Conveners: R Sternberg, Franklin & Marshall College; A Chauvin, Université de Rennes; S Lengyel, Illinois State Museum

Session description: Magnetism is used in archaeology in several ways: archaeomagnetism, or the remanent magnetization of archaeological materials; use of magnetic properties for determining archaeological provenance; magnetic surveying at archaeological sites, and use of magnetic susceptibility on the surface and subsurface at archaeological sites. This session invites submissions on any of these topics, especially involving novel approaches, or the application of other geophysical methods to archaeology.

The presentations in this program:

Monday Morning, 25 May, 8 am - posters

Archaeomagnetic Study performed on Early Medieval Buildings from western France
A Chauvin, P Lanos, P Dufresne, S Blain, P Guibert, C Oberlin, C Sapin

Near Surface Magnetic Survey for Investigating the Cultural Relics in Suchon, Gongju, Korea
M R Islam, K Tiampo, M Suh, T F Abdallatif

Magnetic Susceptibility of Ancient and Modern Potsherds Using a Fast, Cheap and Portable Probe
P W Glover

Magnetic Fingerprinting of Central Mediterranean Obsidian Source Groups
I Weaver, R Sternberg, R H Tykot

Tuesday Morning, 26 May, 10:30 am – oral presentations

European Archaeomagnetism: Progress and Problems
M E Evans, G Hoye

Regional Archeomagnetic Model for Europe for the Last 3000 Years: Application to Dating.
F Pavón-Carrasco, M L Osete, J M Torta, L R Gaya-Piqué

The Mesoamerica Secular Variation Curve. A continuous research since 1999.
A M Soler-Arechalde, C I Caballero-Miranda, A Gogichaichvili, L Beramendi-Orosco, G Gonzalez-Hernández, J Urrutia-Fucugauchi

Dating Post-Medieval Archaeology: Which Global Geomagnetic Field Model to use?
A Lodge, N Suttie, M Korte, M Hill, R Holme

The Donegal Sign Tree: A Local Legend Confirmed with Holographic Radar and 3-D Magnetics
T Bechtel, M Cassidy, M Inagaki, C Windsor, L Capineri, P Falorni, A Bulleti, S Valentini, G Borgioli, S Ivashov, A Zhuravlev, V Razewig, I Vasiliev, E Bechtel

3-D Modelling of Magnetic Data from an Archaeological Site in Northwestern Tlaxcala State, Mexico
R E Chavez, D L Argote, G Cifuentes, A Tejero, E Camara

Archaeometric Prospection Using Electrical Survey Predictive Deconvolution (ESPD)
P W Glover

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