Thursday, April 2, 2009

SAS-sponsored symposium at the SAA - II

Society for American Archaeology meeting, Atlanta, April 22-26
Session 168 - Saturday, April 26
Sponsors: Society for Archaeological Sciences; International Association for Obsidian Studies
Provenance of Mediterranean obsidians from Tykot (JAS, 1997)

Room: International A
Time: 1:00 PM–4:30 PM
Organizers : Mostafa Fayek and Sharon Hull
1:00 Carolyn Dillian, David Braun and Emmanuel Ndiema—Obsidian Characterization and Theories of Interaction, Koobi Fora, Kenya

1:15 Anne Hamilton, Mostafa Fayek and S. Brooke Milne—Palaeo-Eskimo Lithic Exploitation Strategies: Assessing Inferences of Culture Change Through Chert Sourcing on Southern Baffin Island

1:30 Rachel ten Bruggencate and Mostafa Fayek—Sourcing quartz quarries from Granville Lake, Manitoba, Canada using trace elements and oxygen isotopes

1:45 Alyson Thibodeau, Joaquin Ruiz and John Chesley—Tracing Turquoise from Site to Source Using Radiogenic Isotopes

2:00 Judith Habicht-Mauche—Studying Glaze-Paint Production and Exchange in the American Southwest Using Lead Isotope Analysis

2:15 Mostafa Fayek and Sharon Hull—Fingerprinting Turquoise Provenance Regions in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico

2:30 Matthew Boulanger and Michael Glascock—Salvage Archaeometry: Rescue, Preservation, and Dissemination of Geochemical Data

2:45 Tom Fenn, Peter Robertshaw, Marilee Wood and John Chesley—Early Islamic Commerce with sub-Saharan Africa: Chemical and Isotopic Analyses of Late 1st Millennium A.D. Glass Beads from Igbo-Ukwu, Nigeria

3:00 Lisa Molofsky and David Killick—Sources of Tin in Prehistoric Bronzes: A Novel Approach

3:15 Jeffrey Dobereiner, William Saturno and Robert H. Tykot—Source Analysis of Obsidian from San Bartolo and Xultun, Guatemala by X-ray Fluorescence

3:30 Daniel Contreras and Nicholas Tripcevich—Research at the Quispisisa obsidian source in the central Peruvian highlands

3:45 Steven Shackley—Discussant
4:00 Hector Neff—Discussant
4:15 Robert Tykot—Discussant

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