Update on archaeobotany

By Chioma Ngonadi, Associate Editor for Archaeobotany

Update on four new publication on archaeobotanical studies:

1. The editors of the Journal of Archaeology of food and food ways are pleased to announce the publication of the very first issue of the journal. The introduction can be read for free here 


2. New studies on plant use during the Mesolithic in southwest Central  Europe 


3. Millet bread and pulse dough from early Iron Age South India: Charred food lumps as culinary indicators 


4. A book titled “The missing woodland resources Archaeobotanical studies of the use of plant raw materials"have been published by Barkhuishttps://www.barkhuis.nl. The book chapter consists of  papers devoted to different plant raw materials and also provides an overview of technological uses of plants from the Palaeolithic to the Post-Medieval