Call for Submission for a Special Issue in the Heritage Journal

By Artemios Oikonomou, Associate Editor for Archaeological Glass

An activity undertaken by Greek colleagues, including myself, is the launch of a Special Issue
in the field of Archaeological Science. The issue entitled Chemistry for Cultural Heritage will be published in the Heritage journal, an Open Access multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published bi-annually by MDPI. Notably, in the past three years, Heritage (indexed in Scopus and WoS) has published more than 320 papers. Of course manuscripts are peer reviewed, and a first decision is provided to the authors relatively fast.

This SI will encompass a plethora of applications in the field of Cultural Heritage that span- without being limited to- materials characterization and corrosion studies to provenance studies and dating. We are well aware that the scientific investigation of the past can shed light to cultures’ economy, trade routes and religion, the exploitation of raw material sources and a lot more, in order to highlight complex socio-economic issues and cross-cultural links. Virtually, it can offer a kaleidoscope of insights into human past.

Hence, Chemistry being central in this Special Issue, I and my colleagues welcome novel research applications on Cultural Heritage. While fostering the study of material culture (ceramics, glass, metals, plasters) spanning from prehistory to modern times, this issue is to encapsulate other areas of interest as well, such as Chemistry for dating and Corrosion issues.

Regarding the important dates, there is a submission deadline set on 28th February 2022. However, if you are fast and have something worth informing the community on, keep in mind that all submissions (once accepted after peer review) from 1st June 2021 to 31st August 2021 will be waived the Article Processing Charge, which means will be open-access and for free. Therefore, do consider submitting your paper before this deadline. However, if the 31st August deadline is not met, manuscripts submitted by 31st October will be gladly provided with a 50% discount. 

Don’t lose time, and do take advantage of this great initiative and discount policy by submitting your work and letting the community know what you have been up to.