The magnificent Charlie Kolb!

By Anabel Ford

How to talk about Charles “Charlie” Kolb? He is a scholar and mentor, he has a depth of character and breadth of knowledge, and he is unfailingly willing to share.  These qualities set him in a select group of  researchers who see the value of our collective work for universal ends.  Charlie’s legendary capacities as a professor, director of public programs, and a key proponent of ecological approaches to materials science has given him a perspective that he brings to investigations, fact-finding missions, and experimental results.  

Ingredients of the greatest scholarship can be found in Charlie and his worldwide experience.  His approach to science is extraordinary and his application of his intellect outstanding.  He can relate separate issues, information, and details together with remarkable insights, all accomplished with charm and humor. This is also visible in his ability to tackle the realities of life, something he is willing to impart with candor.  Charlie sets an example of how to live well, balancing the challenges we all know we must face in the public academy and private family.  


I consider myself privileged to be counted among his friends and am a beneficiary of his skill, knowledge, and vision that he characteristically imparts with gusto.