SciSnack - Science communication and improving writing skills for early career archaeologists

By Vana Orfanou, Postdoc, University College Dublin

SciSnack is an online platform for early career scientists to communicate their research to a broad audience in bite-sized written pieces. SciSnack advocates that improving young researchers' story-telling skills for non-expert audiences advances scientific writing, too. Originally addressing earth and climate scientists, SciSnake is now broadening its scope to include archaeology and we are kickstarting the ArchaeoSnack writing group!

The writing process (fig. 1) follows a cycle of content creation and feedback during online meetings that take place typically every 3 weeks. This model based on group discussions and sharing constructive feedback throughout the different writing stages from idea-sharing to draft writing provides a supportive environment for authors to complete their ‘snacks’, i.e. typically 500-600 word pieces, and upload them on the platform. 


The ArchaeoSnack writing group is looking for early career researchers in archaeology at any stage of their academic journey (MA, PHD, postdoc, other) interested in enhancing their science communication skills, and improving their writing and feedback skills in the process.

For more information and to express interest for participation in the ArchaeSnack writing group contact Vana Orfanou ( and visit the SciSnack website (