Announcing a new initiative – The SAS Spotlight

Announcing a new initiative – 

The SAS Spotlight

Update (December 13th, 2020): 
The SAS Spotlight Program remains active and all SAS members are eligible to promote their latest research using the society Facebook page.  Other SAS social media channels may be incorporated into the program in the future.  Content for the Spotlight Program should continue to be submitted through a direct message to the SAS Facebook Page (preferable) or via email to SAS Vice President for Social Media Ben Marwick (

Original post (November 15th, 2018) below:
The SAS Facebook Page ( has recently achieved 1000 likes and over 1000 followers.  Since its inception in late 2016, the dual goals for the Page have been to highlight new research across a broad spectrum of the archaeological sciences, and to promote SAS organized events like conference symposia and award competitions.  Now that the Page has attained our minimum target audience, we are prepared to begin a new initiative, The SAS Spotlight, that will use this social media channel and our recently redesigned Bulletin to highlight the work of our members. 

Any current (dues paid) SAS member may submit new publications on which they are an author to the Vice President for Social Media and Outreach for announcement on the SAS Facebook Page.  The goal is for submitted publications to be posted within 48 hours of being received, and in no more than one week.  In addition to posting the publication to the SAS Facebook Page, the VP for Social Media and Outreach will coordinate with the SAS Bulletin Editor to compile a list of citations and weblinks for all publications submitted by SAS members; this list will be included in the SAS Bulletin quarterly digest.
The SAS Facebook Group ( will remain active and is the preferred place to announce job opportunities, funding competitions, and non-SAS organized events, and to ask questions or just start conversations.  For new publications by SAS members, however, we encourage submission for the Facebook Page where we have sought to build an audience specifically interested in archaeological science research.  Publications on which the submitting SAS member is first author will be given priority, but any new works on which the SAS member is an author are eligible.  Please submit published research articles, edited volume chapters, and review articles.  Popular science articles, book reviews, and editorials are discouraged unless there is a compelling reason.  In Press, Early View, and Online Only works are eligible but drafts in preparation, under review, or under revision will be rejected. 

To announce a new publication, please send all of the following information (not a copy of the manuscript) through a direct message to the SAS Facebook Page.  SAS members who do not use Facebook may send the requested information in an e-mail to
  1. Complete and correct citation for the publication in Journal of Human Evolution style:
  2.  List of all authors who are current SAS members
  3. Permanent weblink to the article.  Please make sure that this is the link provided by the publisher in the article; it will usually include the DOI.  For example:
  4.  If the submitting author has been a continuous SAS member for less than 1 year, please send a copy of your receipt for membership dues.  If a receipt is not available, just state that the submitter is a new member.  This may cause a delay while membership status is verified.
  5. Optional: Professional headshot, field, or laboratory photo of each SAS member author
If the VP for Social Media and Outreach declines to post any submitted publications, the submitting SAS member will be notified and given an explanation. 

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