Steven Shackley to receive SAA Award for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis

One of the awards to be presented at the SAA meeting in Sacramento in two weeks:

Steven Shackley has earned the SAA’s Award for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis for his analytical and technical contributions using raw material sourcing in the interpretation of the social relations underlying lithic assemblage patterning. Dr. Shackley’s achievements combine outstanding scholarship in XRF analysis, geoarchaeology, archaeometry, flintknapping, and lithic technology with an anthropological perspective on a diversity of cultural processes and interactions, including quarrying, long-distance trade and exchange, ethnicity, migration, style and group identity, and gender interaction. His published work on these topics spans both cultural resource management and academic projects, and focuses on regions as diverse as the North American Southwest, Mexico, South and Central America, Ethiopia, the Middle East, and the Russian Far East, as well as temporal periods from the Middle Stone Age to Paleoamericans to the Neolithic to the ethnographic present. This award recognizes Steven Shackley’s significant role in advancing archaeological research in the field of lithic analysis.

Steve Shackley, Josh Feinberg, Rob Sternberg at the American Geophysical Union meeting, Dec. 2010