Periodic table for archaeometry?

We received the following message from Tim Scarlett, of the Program in Industrial History and Archaeology, Michigan Tech:
I found this link while cruising around with a student looking at resources for material science and archaeology.  If you don't know about it, perhaps you will find is useful:

I wonder if anyone in SAS would like to contribute archaeological science information to the pages?  Either way, this is a great example of an internet resource for teaching.  I wish there was more of this out there.
I have used this source as well in my teaching of introductory geology, and for my archaeometry course.

Anyone want to take Tim's suggestion, and contribute to this source on behalf of archaeomtry?


  1. Another great source for online periodic tables is the Dynamic Periodic Table:

    I particularly like how all of the properties are displayed in the tabs and how one can scroll across and look at things like density, ionization potentials, temperature etc. by moving the slider.

    As far as additional information for each element, the links all go to Wikipedia, so perhaps archaeometric information can be included there as well?


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