R.E. Taylor poster award winner

The Society for Archaeological Sciences is pleased to congratulate the winner of the R.E. Taylor Student Poster Award for Spring 2009.

Lesley D. Frame
PhD Candidate
Heritage Conservation Science Program
Materials Science and Engineering Department
University of Arizona

For her poster:
"Technological Change in Southwestern Asia: Comparing Metallurgical Production Styles and Social Values during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age"

Abstract: Early evidence for metal processing is found on the Iranian Plateau at a number of sites, some of which (e.g., Tal-i Iblis) represent large-scale smelting industries, whereas other sites, including Seh Gabi and Godin Tepe, contain similar crucible technology but with much smaller concentrations of production debris. Through compositional and microstructural analyses, and the use of a theoretical framework of technological change, this project considers the differences among these contrasting scales of production on the Iranian Plateau, in terms of technology and the possible social values placed on that technology. By linking technological changes to social values of the craftspeople, we can understand the role of technology in the cultural context of past communities.

Honorable Mentions:

Hanneke Hoekman-Sites
PhD Candidate
Department of Anthropology
Florida State University
"Examining Animal Product Use Patterns on the Great Hungarian Plain during the Neolithic and Copper Age"

Bridget Alex

BA Student
Anthropology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences Departments
Dartmouth College
"Multi-method Analysis of pre-Teotihuacan Ceramics"

Contestants submitted their posters to SAS and were judged by professional researchers on the significance of the archaeological problem, appropriateness of the archaeometric methods used, soundness of conclusions, and quality of the poster display.

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Congratulations, Lesley!

AJ Vonarx
Membership Liaison - SAS