Smithsonian exhibit: Written in Bone

I'm thinking ahead to my Spring break in a couple of weeks. I might make it down to Washington, D.C., to see this exhibit at the Smithsonian, among other things.

From the Smithsonian web site:
James Fort skeleton. Image courtesy of Chip Clark

Written in Bone examines history through 17th-century bone biographies, including those of colonists teetering on the edge of survival at Jamestown, Virginia, and those living in the wealthy and well-established settlement of St. Mary’s City, Maryland.

The forensic investigation of human skeletons provides intriguing information on people and events of America's past. No other inanimate objects make us feel the same passionate curiosity as the remains of once-living, breathing individuals like us. And nothing else can answer our questions in quite the same ways.

The exhibit is there until February, 2011. If I go, I'll let you know what I think.